We recommend for all pets to have an annual check-up as a minimum. For most pets this will be part of the annual vaccination visit. However, we stress that for some pets, we may recommend more frequent check-ups. This usually occurs if your pet has been diagnosed with a medical condition, to ensure we are able to monitor their health and provide ongoing care for your pet.


Brave dogs behavioural program - IN DEVELOPMENT


Here it is! Starting 2nd April and located at the Dog Education Centre, with frequency to be determined by demand - The Albury Animal Hospital will be coming over to the @dogeducationcentre for consultations. In your support corner for your consultation you will have:

  • 👩🏻‍⚕️ A VET with a passion for behavioural medicine
  • 👩🏼‍⚕️ A VET NURSE to assist with the consultation
  • 🦸‍♀️ A PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINER to assist as a handler.
This support triangle is going to allow us to build positive relationships with your dog, who may be fear aggressive, have anxiety, or another behavioural concerns - OR you may simply just need something looked at while your dog is at the DEC.

This service is available for all DEC clients OR any patient with behavioural challenges.

Our consultation lengths will be 30 minutes and we are able to provide:
  • Routine consultations - vaccinations, preventatives
  • Non-routine consultation - general health concerns from lameness, lumps and bumps, skin issues, ear issues, etc.
  • Behavioural consultations via our BRAVEDOG program.
If you think this format will be better for you & your dog, but unsure if we can facilitate your questions - simply ask 😁
We will take any samples (cytology, blood, urine, etc) at the consulting clinic and take them back to the hospital for analysis. We will follow up via Telehealth and any medication will either be provided at the time of consultation OR you will be requested to pick it up from the hospital after we have analysed any samples and made a plan.
Sounds like a win-win for everyone and we are so excited to kick of this ONE OF A KIND consulting clinic for Albury Wodonga.
Call AAH now on 6040 6995 to book your pets appointment.

Consulting clinic is located at 3 Sheathers rd, Wodonga, Vic.


Dermatology can be very frustrating to the pet, causing long term itchiness and skin irritation and infections. It can also be very costly and frustrating to the pet owner!

Allergies (food and environmental) are just one large category of underlying issues that cause our pets to have skin issues, largely because they make the pet feel so itchy, and the scratching then harms the skin.

There are a large number of other causes of skin issues in pets, and our vets will work through the possibilities with you, explaining everything as we go because it can be quite challenging.

If your pet develops skin irritation, itchiness, or lesions including a lump or bump, please book a consultation with one of our vets.


As people we know how important the role of hormones are in the body...its actually very similar for pets. Often we don't realise at first because the clinical signs might be something that seems unconnected, such as loosing hair, or loosing weight, but our vets will be able to assess your pet and determine if hormonal issues could be the underlying cause. Examples of common medical issues in dogs are cushings disease (overactive adrenal gland), or addisons disease (underactive adrenal gland) and hyperthyroidism is very common in older cats.

As part of any issue our vets will inform you if hormone related issues require investigation, we are able to carry out the diagnostic treatments, conduct monitoring tests as well as provide treatment in the event if any diagnosis. A lot of these conditions are life altering, but cannot be cured. Having a close working relationship with your vet, allows us to manage your pets wellbeing closely, resulting in an improved quality of life.


If you are planning to breed your dog book in for a consultation with one of our vets, as we will be able to assist you in determine the right timing for natural mating. We utilise our in-house laboratory to run serial progesterone testing that guides our recommendations on when to mate.

Our team is also able to manage and support you through the reproductive journey, including ultrasound confirmation on pregnancy from day 30 in dogs, and Xray confirmation of the number of puppies to expect from day 55, as well as whelping and post whelping advice.

We will also be able to assist with queening and post queening issues with cats.

If you are thinking of breeding, head over to Dogs NSW to find out a lot of information about Responsible breeding


Euthanasia is something unique but common in veterinary medicine. Our vets are trained to weigh up medical or surgical recommendations and make decisions for your pet with you, insuring you make informed choices that will guide you to give your pet the longest and healthiest life possible. For a range of reasons, euthanasia may be recommended, generally when there is compromise to an animals quality of life, but for other reasons as well. It is an incredibly personal conversation and our vets will do their best to understand what is important to you when making this decision.

When the decision is made to euthanise a pet, our role is to do this with you, in the most compassionate and caring way possible. It is important to us to do this right, and make the experience as gentle and caring as possible. For us to be able to do this, we ask you to confide in us what euthanasia of your pet might look like for you and your family, there is no right or wrong answers. We will guide you through the process step by step.

We book a longer consultation time, to ensure you don't feel rushed when saying goodbye to a love one. We are able to accommodate at home euthanasia, where a vet and a nurse will attend your home, or we accommodate you within our hospital. If you would like to book an at home euthanasia, please speak with our reception team and they can let you know all the details.

The process of euthanasia is very peaceful, we administer a strong, painless IV injection of a fast acting anaesthesia drug. We will set this up for you so you can be with your pet, even have them sit with you or on your lap during the process.

Once a pet has been euthanised we follow your wishes for aftercare. You may choose to take your pet home to bury them, or you may choose group or private cremation. We utilise the services of Eden Hills, who are a beautifully compassionate company. They have a fully traceable cremation service. Private cremation allows you to choose keepsakes and urns that are most meaningful and precious to you and your pets memories. Please visit their website for further details

Please phone the hospital and speak to a team member about any euthanasia questions. We are here to support you, we know that this is an incredibly difficult and emotional time, we organise everything for you. Trust us to look after your pet.

Pet Grief support is also available via

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To help keep up with demand, give our vets a rest and to ensure our clients have 24/7 access to vet advice, we have partnered with VetChat for all your after-hour pet care needs. VetChat vets are all Australian board certified, with a minimum of 5 year's experience and are passionate about improving pet health outcomes.

When our hospital doors close each day, VetChat will help us support you and your petby offering primary triage.

After Hours Support Costs:
$39.00 6am - midnight AEST/AEDT
$59.00 midnight - 6am AEST/AEDT

If your pet requires emergency critical care, VetChat will alert our vet on call and we will be in contact shortly.

Please Note: The fee for a Vet to attend the hospital after hours is $430. After an examination and consultation, all recommended treatment plans will be discussed, including all additional fees.

To contact VetChat call 1300 215 328 or Click here to proceed to VetChat.